Doll Pajamas

Our Matching Doll Pajamas are a huge hit in our stores! We've seen significant sales per square foot with some very simple doll pajama layouts and we want to highlight a few of our most successful options here.

1- A Doll-Centric Layout

Our pilot store has a family-oriented, gift-buying clientele, so focusing on the doll pajamas in a dedicated display made a lot of sense. You can see here that we paired the doll pajamas with the matching kid sets:


We've mixed in some related books, and have space for additional items like socks or slippers if we want. This is a great way to maximize the doll pajama impact and will see the largest gain in doll pajama sales.


Because it is focused on kid and doll pajamas rather than whole family sets, we recommend this for stores that have a large mix of LazyOne products where this particular display can stand as an additional display rather than the primary LazyOne offering.

2- A Design-Centric Layout

Another great way to display the doll pajamas is to insert them into existing family sets. For example, we already had a Happy Camper (sku 316) display set up, so we added the doll pajamas to the existing planogram.

Doll Pajamas

This is an ideal layout for stores that display their LazyOne products by the design and as collections. The doll pajamas are small enough to be able to find insertion into nearly any display.

3- Limited Space Layout

With both of the options above, we used a larger display which works great for stores that have the space. Sometimes, depending on the store, the space is limited. In that case, a single theme of doll pajamas and kid pajamas can be very successful.

DOLL DISPLAY MERCHANDISING with a narrow display

The Log Grid Display is only 2 feet wide, and even with this smaller footprint, we are able to display (when fully stocked)

30 kid sets,

5 infant creepers,

5 pink bear purses,

30 different socks,

15 doll pajamas

And even a Critter cap or two and that is just one side of this display!


So you can see that you can really maximize your space and see some great sales by leveraging our fun designs and the popularity of 18" dolls.

To check out the doll pjs, click here

Doll Pajamas