At LazyOne, we do our best to stand above our competitors, and give you value that is unmatched in our industry.

1- Our products have high consumer appeal!

We have found that stores who follow our merchandising recommendations are constantly surprised at the value per square foot our products have. That is, in part, because the Pjs, socks, boxers and slippers are fun, and popular. They have a consistent sales history and will help your store become more profitable!

2- We give you excellent margins.

In order to be successful, you need to be able to cover your expenses, cover payroll for your employees, and recoup on your investment. Because of this, we work hard to maintain solid margins for your store. We want our relationship to be a win-win because we'll only be successful if YOU are too!

3- Open stock! Order in eaches.

This is truly one of our most valuable competitive advantages! With very few exceptions, we let you order JUST what you need! We won't make you order a few XS through XXL just to get the few Larges that you really need. Don't get stuck with excess stock with our convenient single item quantity ordering.

4- We warehouse for fast reorders

Yup, you heard right. We warehouse all of our stuff so that we can usually ship within 1-2 days of your order. This lets you adjust to demand more quickly and make sure you never run out of stock!

5- 24-7 easy online ordering.

We have a wholesale website (you're actually on it right now in case you didn't notice) that allows you to place orders any time of the day, any day of the week, even holidays! This lets you analyze your inventory and place orders when it is convenient for YOU! We'll process those orders during our normal business hours and make sure we get your order out to you ASAP!

6- Top 5 ranked company in GiftBeat.

LazyOne is consistently one of the top companies listed in the trusted GiftBeat publication. We know how important your opinion is of us, so we are constantly working to earn your business.

7- Free distinctive rough hewn log displays.

Our Display Program gives you the opportunity to get brand building rustic displays in your store to help you merchandise our unique products. Check here or contact a sales rep for more details on qualifying orders and get your store the merchandising options you need!

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