> How do I contact the LazyOne Wholesale Team?


• Phone: (866) 340-5278 | (435) 563-2736

• Fax: (866) 340-5299

• Email: [email protected]

> Q: What do I do if my order has a discrepancy | damage | shortage?

A: A problem with your order may be reported by calling (866) 340-5278 or emailing [email protected].


You are given 60 days from the posted invoice date to make a report. The order is then assumed accurately fulfilled.

> Q: Do wholesale items ever go on sale?

A: Yes! We offer great savings on our discontinued items. From the LazyOne Wholesale Home Page, click the DISCONTINUED link to shop.

> Q: Where do I find LazyOne’s newest arrivals?

A: Our new arrivals are found at the top of the LazyOne Wholesale Home Page directly under the red navigation links.


> Q: Where can I purchase a LazyOne display?

A: Displays are purchased from our website. They are located within Merchandising, which can be found on the home page under Quick Links. Click HERE to check them out!

Please call (866) 340-5278 or email [email protected] about our Display Program!

> Q: What does it mean when an item is marked with a date sometime in the future like "Coming in Fall of 20-something"

A: The product description for each season’s new items are marked as “Coming” along with their expected season and year. As shipments arrive in our warehouse, we change the description and move these items to our “New Arrivals” section.